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Hello I would like to introduce myself; my name is Kaye Blance; I have a Bachelor in Visual Arts and Design specialising in Textiles. I am currently completing my Graduate Diploma in IT as a project student at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.


The reason behind me participating in a paper in project has come about from the very high cost of a WOW costume that I designed and made during my second to last year of my BVAD. I wished that there was a way of designing my costume with no actual cost in materials, just time. So during my time in the IT arena I have come across a way to cut costs to parents and a way the student can design their costume without spending a cent. This could be done in a 3D virtual world. My aim is to help year’s 12-13 textile students. This would have a particular saving on costs and the student would have exactly what they want to make.


This is where you come in I would like to arrange a time to meet with you and have feedback and a discussion as to whether this is a good idea and take you further into what I would like to do for the student at this level.


This would be done with a forty minute appointment as set out below.


Please ring/email or write to arrange a time that would suit you, this will need to be done within two weeks for me to complete my project.






K M Blance


66 Aldinga Ave




Nelson 7011


If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or my supervisor Clare Atkins at NMIT on 546 9175 ext.:

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Session Overview


1. Demo of my ideas (PowerPoint)


2. Talking with you around these questions


• Would a virtual world classroom help with students in design/cost/colour etc.?


• Would new training be needed?


• Would having a bulk fabric provider be useful?


• How long does a textile project take?


• Is there a caped cost for items?


• Does the school give subsidies?


• What do you do for students that can’t afford their materials?


• What part of the curriculum do you see this idea fitting into?


• What age demographic do you see it working well with?


• Would the cost of a 3D world be an issue to the school?


• Do you see the future in designing going down the 3D way in main stream schools?


• Can you envision any other way a 3D world could help?


3. If there is enough time we could have a free discussion around these ideas.


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The week that was

What have I been doing actuly not alot. I have done a little research, rewritten my introduction letter and have just realised that I can’t print it from my laptop !*#!**#@ now I have to write it onto my home pc man o man this is a bulls up.

The more I look at what has to go into the report the less happy I feel, never mind I will just take it as it comes. This is part of what I have been doing.

Project Plan

  1. research 3D virtual worlds
  2. write an introduction letter  this is for my first port of call to teacher’s
  3. compile a powerpoint to show teacher
  4. Have clear and precise question/discussion for my visit
  5. meet with teachers from 4 colleges(waimea, garin, nayland, girls)
  6. write up a report as to the outcome of my visits, whether good or bad
  7. send a letter of thanks to the relevant teachers
  8. give the teachers information as to what my outcome was, after graduation(my report)


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Food for thought

On reflection from our class round table discussion.

I would seem that we can all learn something from each other and to some it may not be important but to others it is exactly what we needed to hear.

For me my important part came about listening to a fellow class mate about the difficulty to either get a response from a certain school or even the person that they are trying to get hold of, this would have appeared to be after waiting a couple of weeks. This to me would be a scary amount of time when we have such tight deadlines.

This is where I have decided to try to find out exactly who it is that I want to send my introduction letter to, as well as being very clear that I need to have a meeting by a certain time. If only it was that easy. But I can only try.

So onward and upward and let my fingers do the dialing. So ring the schools and ask to whom it is that I need to direct my letter too. Then give them two weeks then I will ring them for a time to see them.

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Is it possible to achive what we set out to do?

Even though I know that there is a project to do I’m finding it very difficult to get started. I mean do I make list, but if I make a list or 2 where do I start. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had a thought do a brain storm and go from there, maybe ask questions of myself, or just write down random ideas.

The first thing I really need to do Is have a Title for my project I think this will help me to become focus.

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Project301 the beginning

So much to do and so little time.

My project has come about from my BVAD year when I over spent on a WOW costume, I thought there has to be a better way do design costumes with little cost, thus I came up with the idea of using second life as a teaching ad. This would be a safe place where students (college) can go and design there costume and be able to change things or add things and change colours to get it right. Then they could go out and buy or find their materials without the cost to them and there parents. More so in todays current economic environment.

The first place I need to start is the research, look very carefully into the New Zealand Curriculum  for technology in the college environment. Take the parts out that will relate to my project.

Do up a guide line of what I want to included in my report and poster, along with a questionnaire, this is for my interviews with college teachers.

Make a list of any issues as I progress through this project, and take these to my supervisor.



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The final Blog part 2

Due to the fact that I spent 3 hours trying to get my blog out, I wrote heaps and then tried to had picture’s saved s a draft as I was too tired to finish. To my shock I have just spent the last hour looking for last nights work and it’s gone I feel like giving up but now I will start all over again.So here goes nothing.

I must say I had a lot of fun doing this assignment looking for the outfits and planning how they will be worn and who will wear them.

But the start of the journey was with the use of the HUD, I had to work out how this thing would work. As usually I needed a little help, but once I got started it seem quite easy.  I carryed on typing out what I will be saying on the day.  That was good.

Then the next plan was to write out the invites, I sent one to Clare and Isa separately. Then I sent out a group one to my fellow MUV students as well as an invite to another group I belong to fashion community, and a few friends I know. That should be enough people to watch the show. 

The next step was to send an email to Isa re instruction for a notice board in the hyperdome. Which I wanted to say; Welcome to the first student fashion show, please feel free to sit how you like and if you wish to clap and cheer please do so. But this is a hard lesson to learn make sure you check things have been done the night before not the day of the show. As this is what I did and found out Isa did not get my email; this should have been a clue to what was to come. Emailed Isa with an hour and half to go but didn’t get what I wanted rrrrrrrrrr.

After spending at lest three weeks looking at lots of different free site in second life for clothing and buying, then opening the box they come in then saving to my inventory.

The hardest part was putting the outfits together this took quite awhile, with lots of changes and adding hair shoes plus taking stuff out until I had just the right look.After all the planning I still had a great time, but would have liked more people there.

As for the people who I invited to view the show I just don’t know what went wrong, I think I was doomed from the start. I did enjoy the half hour it took to get though the outfits.

What would I do different in the future.

I would make sure I have more control of what is happening (build it in my own land).

Have the show at a different time as 1.30 was in the middle of the day so most people are busy doing other things.

Find out how I could use avatars that belong to me so I have control over what happens here to.

The last thing would be to have the HUD attached to each outfit so all I have to do is press the space bar and the avatar will be talking to the audience.

Would I do this again I sure would apart from the mistakes that happen, I have learned from them and moved on ready for my next big adventure.


White mini dress with a sailor suit look

A black gothic outfit with bat wings

Wearing grey tone and grey eagle wings

A twist on the riding outfit with a short white frill

Tonal greys with a black hat

Grey egale wings, with hot pink hair
The opening outfit.

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Second life the continuing story 16 day to go

Dancing Costume

Fashion show 101 very interesting.

Learning new things and not going to far, but onward and upward.

Trying to put costumes into a box for another avatar to wear, thought would be easy but no I have to add a script and make sure there are no – no transfer beside the item otherwise they will not go onto the avatar. There will also be a note card in the box telling the avatars what I would like them to do.

Looking for items that are free was also lots of fun there are a multitude of sites to choose from I could have been in these for hour and hours but alas I limited myself to just a few other wise I would not have gotten anything done.

 My time line is getting well underway.

Now for the biggest part of the project how to build a hud look it up on the net, ask question and if I’m really stuck run. na get help. If I haven’t sorted this by the 13th then i’ll seek help. This is so I can talk to everyone without worrying about typing as I’m doing my stuff.

Note cards were going to be handed out to the audence but I thought this would be to messy, so I will need to ask Isa to put a screen up in the hyperdome this way everyone can read it and know what to do. (Fun).

One thing is for sure I am enjoying this project more than I thought I would.


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41 days left and counting

The work thus far.

I have found out how to write note cards wow so easy, so beware there will be a few of these.

I have also found out how to find the free stuff I have been looking for, Have already learnt to how to gather items for the fashion show, and put each avatars outfit into a prim name it then save it. Also how to send the named prim to the avatar that will be wearing the them. Yea go me.

Designing the invitations is under control just remember to go to the MUV601 group and post as a note card.

Just a little I have done so far, but even though it does not look much in SL it is quite large.

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The Final Countdown 49 days to go

To start at the beginning is for me a little daunting, but to be able to talk to like-minded people is an advantage.

The project I have Chosen to do for Ass 3 is the


I want to be able to use this in a teaching practise. My main aim audience is for college students to able to actual go in and use it for their costume designing

Planning at this stage is a lot of fun.

  1. Book the hyperdome/ see Clare
  2. Outline of event
  3. Make a list of all the things I would like to see in my Event
  4. Find outfits that fill my brief (free)
  5. Learn to write note cards
  6. Learn where or how to find free stuff for my project
  7. Design invitation
  8. Put the word out that I will need at lest 3 models
  9. How many people do I need in the audience
  10. Have a written list of what I would like to happen on the day
  11. Date and Time to be confirmed
  12. Do at lest an hour every day on the project
  13. Audience will be doing stuff/participation
  14. Choose a good colour palette
  15. Storyboard / what I think the order of the day should be
  16. Take photos and paste them onto blog for a rough idea of project
  17. List of the events on the day
  18. Sounds / clapping, someone booing, welcome speech
  19. Music
  20. Find movements/gesture
  21. Always check with the requirements list

Now let the games begin 🙂

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I have managed to join 2 groups at this stage; 1 – 1st offical fashion community and Pirats.

Pirats is a art network that have exhibition of arts work from all different artists in SL. But unfortunily I am unable to teleport to either of them.

I need to do more research on how to go to different places.

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